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Storm Front is a story about a group of friends known as The Pack. It is a coming of age story set in the fictional lakeside town of Merlow.

Storm Front
Storm Front Titles
Storm Front Promo - Daniel 'Storm' Marcus
The StormVerse Chronicles
Storm Front
Created by: T. Orrin
Format: Online Novel, Published Novel
Series Run: 1998-2009, Published 2010
Starring: Daniel 'Storm' Marcus, Mike Mitchell, Sarah Leo, Marcel Lewis, Lucas Sheridan, Dade Marcus, Claire Carlyle, and June Marcus
Supporting Cast: Brad Sisto, Josh Barrett, Carl Bentley, Marty Lee Miller, Corey Caines
Primary Setting: Merlow
Followed by: Tempest Fore
Located @ StormNation
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Storm Front began as an online serial in 1999. The story was first hosted on website The Ice Zone, before moving to in 2000. Over the years the story has gained a following by fans known first as Zoners, and then Nationers. The author of the story, using the handle SFwriter, is notoriously private and has managed to keep their identity largely anonymous.

Initially a regular serial, the story took on a five season arc after moving to StormNation. Storm Front concluded its fifth and final season on December 13, 2009, the tenth anniversary.

Storm Front

Originally focused on teenager, Daniel 'Storm' Marcus, the story centred on his struggle with his own sexuality when Lucas Sheridan moves to Merlow. The two become fast friends and Storm has trouble reconciling his feelings for Lucas. During this period, we are introduced to members of 'The Pack', Storm's closest friends. Eventually the story expands to become more of an ensemble story, though Storm remains the central character.

Season 1 - It Started On A Bus

In Season 1, Lucas Sheridan moves to Merlow and becomes fast friends with Daniel 'Storm' Marcus. Over the course of the season, we are introduced to Storm's world and how he starts to come to terms with the fact he might have feelings for Lucas.

Season 2 - Stormy Weather

Season 2 cemented Storm Front as an ensemble piece by developing characters around Storm, such as Marcel, Mike, and Sarah. It also increases the role of Storm's younger brother, Dade, significantly. Peripheral characters like Brad and Josh also see a role increase. The main thrust of this season is Storm and Lucas's handling of the strong feelings they share, leading to a climax in the finale that also sees the departure of Marcel as a main character in Storm Front.

Season 3 - Redefining Faith

A nemesis rose this season in the form of Marty-Lee Miller. Along with him comes a shared history with Lucas Sheridan that disrupts relations between Storm and Lucas. The hints of problems arising with Sarah continue to grow, and Dade learns a secret that changes him greatly.

Season 4 - The Price We Pay For Glory

By far the longest and most ambitious of all the seasons of Storm Front, Season 4 has a significantly darker tone. This season sees the biggest upheaval in all of Storm Front, with the death of a core character and the departure of several major characters, including Storm.

Season 5 - The End of Innocence

The final season of Storm Front begins with a heavy focus on 'The B-Team', a group of former secondary characters that now take centre stage. The only member of The Pack in the cast is Lucas Sheridan. The season deals with Dade trying to do right by his current partner, Claire, and their child.



Character Appearances Bio
Daniel 'Storm' Marcus 1-4, Guest - Season 5 A tempestuous young man, struggling with his own identity and his role with his friends and his family.
Mike Mitchell (Leo-Marcus) 1-4, Recurring - Season 5 Storm's best friend and surrogate brother, Mike is solid and dependable.
Sarah Leo (Leo-Marcus) 1-4, Recurring - Season 5 A feisty, strong willed young woman, Sarah is fiercely protective of her friends.
Marcel Lewis 1-2, Recurring 3-5 Otherwise known as Blondie, Marcel is extremely devoted to Storm. He comes from a very affluent background, but does his best to keep this from isolating him from his beloved friends.
Lucas Sheridan 1-5 The new kid in town, Lucas is warm and affable, and wears his heart on his sleeve.
Dade Marcus 1-5 Storm's younger brother, Dade is often underrated, but constantly proves himself as wiser than his peers.
Claire Carlyle 1-5 Also a new resident to Merlow, Claire's alluring beauty make her a target of many affections.
June Marcus 1-4 Storm and Dade's mother is often regarded as so by their friends as well. Intelligent and successful, this single mother is respected by most all around her.


Character Appearances Bio
Carl Bentley Online: 2-5, Published 1-5 A good natured, cheeky, and cheerful jock, Carl is also Storm's best friend outside of The Pack.
Brad Sisto Online 2-5, Published 1-5 Brad is a star player on the football team, Vice Captain under Mike. He is also the primary antagonist in Merlow High, with a checkered history with The Pack, and Storm in particular.
Josh Barrett Online 2-5, Published 1-5 Josh is also a member of the Merlow High Warriors. He is quiet, thoughtful, and often mistreated by his best friend; Brad.
Marty Lee Miller 3-5 A young man and talented martial artists, Marty Lee comes to Merlow with a dangerous tie to Lucas.
Corey Caines 5 An outwardly cheerful, but inwardly sad soul, Corey tries to use his positivty to improve the mood and lives of those around him.


Coming of Age

One of the main thrusts of Storm Front is the coming of age of its cast, all of whom begin in High School. Throughout their various trials, many of the characters grow and develop in different ways.


One of the largest themes in Storm Front is the aspect of sexuality. This is shown primarily through Storm's eyes, as he realises he is not completely heterosexual. He considers himself to be the atypical homosexual.


The notion of love is studied in many different facets. Romantic love, between several couples, Storm and Lucas, Mike and Sarah. Familial love, between Storm and Dade, Storm and June.


The loyalty between friends, family, and lovers.

Social Impact

Over the ten years Storm Front has been in existence, it has influenced many young teens struggling with their own sexuality. The heavy attention on sexuality has attracted many young LGBT readers. Despite this, many heterosexual readers have also become attracted to the story. Currently, a decade after its inception, Storm Front retains a loyal following.


The Storm Front 'Bible'

For most of its life, Storm Front had a rather large scrapbook filled with notes that described elements of what made up Storm Front. From arcs, themes, character developments, plot points, it was all scribbled down here at one point or another. Here are some points [some over a decade old] from the old book; The Rules

  1. Starts on a bus, ends on a bus.
  2. Starts with Storm and Lucas in the first scene, and ends with them in the last scene.
  3. The Pack must always remain loyal, even when they disagree.

The rules didn't begin to lock in until the five season arc was developed.

The above rules were what became the two main themes in Storm Front. The Pack, and Storm/Lucas. There were however, some lesser rules that still remained important to the series tone.

  * No gratuitous sex. No explicit sex. Only exception is if it is relevant to the story.
  * No glorification of alcoholism and drug use. Storm must remain extremely anti.
  * Violence against women is not to be condoned.
  * Anti-Discrimination.

Things That Almost Happened

For each chapter, there were always multiple versions. Some included events that would have changed the course of Storm Front. Here are some of the best from the book.

  • Storm was written out in 'Final Rites'. Unlike subsequent events that hint at his death, in this chapter, he actually died and it wasn't a what if. Only after some thought and feedback was the chapter rescinded and the new Chapter 13 or 2.06: Paths Not Taken was launched.
  • June remarries Daniel Sr. Before Season 4 became what it was, June and Daniel Sr. would have reconciled fully with her ex-husband and remarried him in the chapter were now Mike and Sarah marry. This would have made for a much, much different Season 4 and 5. Not only would June have lived, but Storm and Dade would never have fallen out. Lucas and Storm would have remained together for the rest of Storm Front. Ashley would have become a likeable character and potentially Brad's girlfriend. Essentially a much happier and lighter tone. Given the nature of the writer, that was unacceptable and June was killed off in order to 'game change' Storm Front and change the tone significantly.
  • Marcel was supposed to go instead of Sarah. Right up until the end of 'Ever Hopeful' it was a toss up as to who would go out of Sarah and Marcel. The decision to go with Sarah was made due to her previous long history of battling cancer and because it freed Mike up to become the character he needed to be in Tempest Fore.
  • Josh and Claire. Once upon a time, Josh was going to be straight and these two were to be Mike and Sarah 2.0. Epic fail. Josh is gayer than a happy homo.
  • Some things didn't appear, and for the better, include making June a MILF that Mike wanted to conquer. And did so. Repeatedly.
  • Dade dabbling with drugs in Season 4. Given the author's strong anti-drug stance, this was nixed, despite it being an arc showing the destructive tendencies of drug use.
  • Storm and Sarah have an affair in Season 4. The idea was written in, and then written out, however there are remnants of where it might have popped up, in Season 4's 'Forget the Rest'.

Future and Sequels


Storm Front began as an online serial, added to when its author could permit time. It was originally slated for publication in January 2010, but did not see release until late 2010. It is currently on limited release in Australia and New Zealand, with a U.S. release slated for 2011.

The series will be broken down, one season per book. Interludes, chapters in the online serial that take place outside of Season Propers are currently being processed and will either be worked into Seasons, or a separate anthology of Interlude chapters. Planned Sequels and Spinoffs


Tempest Fore

Tempest Fore is the official sequel to Storm Front and will also be in an online format, filled out with graphic novels, webisodes, and an interactive blog section where readers can interact with the characters.


Maelstrom is a distant end planned for the Stormverse trilogy, dependent on the success of Tempest Fore. This entry will return focus to Merlow and some of the original characters, and act as a cap to the Stormverse with adult themes.

A screenplay for Storm Front is currently being shopped around for a potential buyer.

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