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The StormVerse Chronicles are a series of stories that began with the five season long Storm Front, and continues now with Tempest Fore.



    This is where it all began. The first chronicle follows a group of friends known as The Pack.



    The second major chronicles, Tempest Fore follows Dade and others to the large metropolis of Saran City.



    Mainstream is Marcel’s story.



    Interludes are self contained stories that are scattered throughout The StormVerse Chronicles. Many events alluded to in the main series are often covered in these.

This is your quick access guide to the major parts of The StormVerse Chronicles!

Ponderings is my own little corner of the SV, where I get to share my thoughts on anything and everything. Read at your peril!


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    If you’re friends with me on facebook, you would have heard a while back that I am currently being treated for cancer.  I don’t really want to regurgitate what I’ve already said there.  But I’ll do my best.

    OKAY!  About a month ago I noticed a lump on my shoulder.  My vain self though I’d been working one shoulder more than the other, as I do tend to pay them a lot of attention in my workout routines.  But it was growing too quickly and felt too hard.  I knew something was up.  I made an appointment to see my GP but before that could happen I had a spell where I felt really faint, dizzy, and had chest pains so an ambulance took me into Middlemore hospital.  Turned into a good thing as they did a series of tests to diagnose me with at first leomyersarcoma (sorry I can’t remember how to fucking spell it).  Anyway, have spent most of my recent life in hospital.  Blah blah it’s boring, and I’m waiting for surgery to remove the lump from my shoulder.  There!  You’re all updated.

    Middlemore Hospital

    Middlemore Hospital

    So the above is my five star hotel, Middlemore Hospital.  I shouldn’t really complain because I am so fortunate to live in a country that provides me with such amazing healthcare and I don’t have to worry about how rich I am etc as to whether I get care.  I mean, what else the fuck are taxes for if not to take care of the common good?  But let’s not get political about countries that probably wouldn’t do shit to help someone if they weren’t rich or insured.

    2014-03-11 07.51.47

    The above is the view from the cell I spent most of my time in.  As you can see, it has a lovely view of another prison building.  And there’s my lovely girly pink jug of water.

    2014-03-16 14.04.22

    This is breakfast most mornings and you know, I started to like it.  I have trouble eating as no appetite for shit food, I mean any food, but this morning privilege of leathery soggy toast and porridge was pretty good after a while.  The porridge I always ate as it was easy to go down and I know it’s good for me.  The toast I’d eat if I either got marmite with it or it didn’t feel so leathery.

    Alright, that’s it for this instalment.  Just wanted to share some of what was going on in my life at the moment.  I hope you’re well and awesome.  Until next time, I AM STILL YOUR HOST!  Live well, laugh often, love much,

    Peace Out!


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    New Zealand, you smell like awesome!

    I have just returned to the Land of the Long White Cloud and it feels great.  It’s supposedly ‘hot’ here but after spending a great deal of time in 40c plus temps repeatedly, I’m gonna take this so called heat and revel in it.  Yus!

    How’s the Polar Vortex treating you people on the wrong side of the world?  I hope you aren’t freezing much.  But if you are, just remember, it’ll be summer for you soon enough!  And then you can complain about the heat and I can be happy in my cold winter!

    So, this January ended up much like last January.  Maybe we should call January Ty’s time off.  Anyway, I’m back in my home base and have my SVness at my fingertips, writing and beyond.  So stay tuned to the regular channels for updates.  Gimmie a week or so to settle back in (though I’m planning on NYE2 posting sooner than that) and I’ll get SV Sundays underway for 2014.   The big one for this year is of course, this:


    I’m really looking forward to another cracking year like last year and getting into the tentpole of 2014 for the SV; Tempest Fore: Cede Nullis.  Before we get to that we have a few stories and stars to catch up with.  SCR II: The Archangels, and the next Mainstream.

    I hope it’s a great year for everyone.  Anyone have any particular hope or ambition or goal?

    Gravity was my favourite movie of 2013 by a long way.  Recently I’ve enjoyed Thor 2, Ender’s Game.  I have yet to watch Catching Fire properly.  There’s nothing on TV that I watch until Game of Thrones resumes.  Love that show.

    Anyway, must run!  Peace!


  • SV 2014 IS HERE!

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    About two weeks earlier than I’d intended, the new look family of SV sites are here!  While I wanted major sections of the SV to have their own sites, the way that was structured just wasn’t working the way I wanted.  They were too different and disconnected.  This year has been amazing for content, and I wanted 2014 to have a site infrastructure that could help make that content easier to access for everybody.  Something clean and simple in design, while still pretty!  So, this almost like a One StormVerse project.  Sorry if you liked any of our old layouts, but they’re all gone now.  Every site uses a flat design theme that has a unified nav bar up the top, and footer at the bottom.  Now it should be easier than ever for you to get around the SV.  Every site now uses similar navigation structures that should make it easier for you to get where you need to go.  READ will take you to the good stuff and that’s really all you need to get you started now!  Here are some key notes for the new site design going into 2014;

    1. The sticky nav bar at the top has quick links to the major chronicles of the SV, under Read SVC.
    2. Chat and Forums links are also on the sticky nav bar making it easier than ever to get in the action with everyone.
    3. One StormVerse!  One theme fits all, with a little bit of style for each different site.  You’ll always know which part of the SV you’re in simply by looking at the logo in the top of your browser.
    4. On every sub site, the circle READ button is what will get you to the chapters.

    I’m very happy to have the foundation of this new style for 2014 complete.  Big thanks to ZachSanity from chat for his suggestion to embrace the new flat design style and uniform themes.  There will still be some little CSS tweaks to get the colour schemes right on all the sites, but they’re pretty good to go right now!  I was planning on launching all of them on New Years Eve but well, plans changed for me so I figured I’d get them out of the way now.

    There are some things I want to do for 2014 to further improve the SV.  Get the Wiki up to date.  Add a bit more graphical swagger to the sites.  Global announcement bar up the top.  Easy way to see the latest chapter.  Little things like that.

    Here is something very cool from a new fan, Micha27 from chat!  It’s a very cool drawing of Mr. Grumpy Pants; Storm.

    Storm - Drawn by Micha27

    Storm – Drawn by Micha27

    Thanks a lot for this one, Micha27!  Last week’s release got lost in the upgrade shuffle but you can find it by heading over to the What If? site.  It’s not hard to miss since it’s the only one there at the moment!  It’s a fan written piece that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, set in the Storm Front era and holiday themed.

    Speaking of holiday themed, tomorrow’s SV Sunday release kicks off the Interludes season.  So naturally, it’ll be on the Interludes site!  lol.  It’ll release at the same time chapters always release.  I’ll have more information on that one in the morning.

    Have a look around, and settle in to our new/old home for 2014.  While I’m sure I’ll catch you all soon, I hope you have an amazing holiday season and I’ll catch you on the flipside!

    Peace Out!!!


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